The Best in Fort Worth Brakes

Are you looking for a place in Fort Worth that fixes brakes? Ichiban Autos is here to help! If you car’s brakes are grinding, squeaking, or squealing, give us a call or bring your vehicle in. We can turn around a simple fix in a short amount of time. It’s much better to have your car checked out than to let a problem deteriorate into major system failure. The brakes are the most important safety system on a vehicle and you need to be sure that yours are working in top condition when driving out on the open road.

Fort Worth Brake Repair Shop

Our Fort Worth brake repair shop can handle any type of brake repair. We service it all including: rotors, pads, master cylinders and calipers. It doesn’t matter if your car has disc brakes or drum brakes. We have the tools, equipment and training to handle the job. We will adjust your cars break system, machine rotors or drums, and replace worn pads to give your car peak stopping performance. If you are looking for more stopping power, our brake shop can install upgraded rotors and calipers.

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