Fort Worth Car Collision and Accident Repair

Our Fort Worth collision repair services will get you back on the road. With the increasing amount of cars on the road and our busy schedules, accidents are a part of modern life. Getting things back to normal quickly and fixed correctly are the two most important considerations when evaluating accident repair shops. At Ichiban Autos, we specialize in collision repair fast and fixing it right the first time. Our priority is to get our customers cars repaired as quick and painless as possible. We make sure to do the accident repair the right way to prevent any future issues or returns to correct mistakes.

How would you like to get your car fixed for $0 out of pocket? We will work with your insurance company and will provide up to $500 deductible reimbursement.

Fort Worth Car Repair

Our friendly professional staff will keep you updated on the progress of your collision repair and give you a realistic estimate of when your car will be ready. We take great pride in our car repair work and while we want you to think of us for any future car repair needs, we hope you won’t be able to tell that we even worked on your car. Our accident repair shop has all the tools and materials necessary to correct any cosmetic or mechanical issues caused by the accident. Our goal is to get your vehicle looking even better than it did before the accident. Maybe even a lot better.

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