Fort Worth Exhaust Repair and Installation

Our Fort Worth Exhaust Repair Shop can fix any type of exhaust or emissions issue affecting your vehicle. If your car or truck is currently unable to pass inspection because of a failed emissions test, come see us at Ichiban Autos and we will troubleshoot the issue to get your vehicle back in good standing with repair of your exhaust. Catalytic converters can burn out and cause emissions test failures. O2 sensors are prone to failure as well and could be the source of the problem. Cracked exhaust systems are not only bad for the environment, but they could be robbing your vehicle of performance. We have the experience and equipment to diagnose and detect any emissions leaks or exhaust issues and provide the necessary exhaust repair.

Fort Worth Muffler Shop and Exhaust Systems Installation

If you are looking for a more aggressive sound and want some horsepower gains, an upgraded exhaust system, or performance muffler from our muffler shop could be just the ticket. Sport mufflers and exhaust systems are typically freer flowing than restrictive factory systems. This results in improved speed, acceleration, and the powerful sound that turns heads. We can order and install just about any type of exhaust. Whether you are looking for just a muffler, or a full replacement system, Ichiban Autos muffler shop can get the look and sound you are seeking.

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