Coolant System

Car Overheating in Fort Worth?

Is your car overheating in Fort Worth? The hot Texas sun really cranks up the heat in the summertime and your car needs to be running correctly to perform in the 100+ degree conditions. Car overheating is a common problem in summer months, but it can happen at any point during the year. When dealing with the heat of internal combustion, any number of cooling system issues not performing properly can lead to overheating.

Some possible overheating causes are:

  • water pump
  • thermostat
  • coolant
  • radiator
  • heater core

These components are directly related to the cooling system and are most frequently related to overheating issues. In certain circumstances, indirect systems or an need for major repairs can be to blame. Fixing the overheating can be as simple as an oil change and as complicated an entire engine rebuild. Simple issues can lead to bigger problems, so it is critical to address overheating issues as soon as they appear. To get the to bottom of an overheating issue, come see us at Ichiban Autos.

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