Fort Worth Paint Job

Has it been some time since your vehicle’s paint job has had that new car shine? Ichiban Autos are Fort Worth paint repair specialists. The hot Texas sun can do a number on your paint over the years. If your paint has lost its luster, let us work our magic and restore the showroom shine. The skill and experience definitely shows when it comes to a paint job. Don’t risk your ride to a cheap paint job as the quality remains after the savings have been spent. It’s a much better decision to trust your finish to an experienced auto paint shop. Are you thinking about a new color for your ride? We can take care of that too. You pick the color and we will handle the rest.

Fort Worth Auto Paint Repair

It seems unavoidable. The need for auto paint repair just seems to happen; no matter how hard you try to keep your car protected. Scrapes, scratches, chips, and scuffs are almost inevitable. It almost seems like the Fort Worth roads and vehicles are out to get you. If your car has been the victim of a scrape from another careless driver, or has received a chip from an angry rock on the road, let our paint shop repair the damage. Those little paint imperfections are an eye sore, so let us fix them for you so you can get back to admiring your ride without cringing when you see the trouble spots.

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